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Its Audition Time

Calling actors, and new recruits in the production team for our latest production the afghan women… THIS is for all those who love acting in theatres. Interested individuals can now be a part of the serious play “Afghan Women”. The story line of which has an Afghani woman, who with an American education leaves her lucrative medical practice in US to return to her homeland and run an orphanage in the hinterland. The conditions are deplorable. At least one child dies every day from starvation or disease. In walks an Afghani warlord and his entourage. They are on the run from government troops, and he plans to use the children as a human shield to get him safe passage. The American-trained doctor is that once the children have served their purpose, they will be killed. Perhaps, more importantly to the Islamic culture and religion, they won’t be buried. Burial is very important in that part of the world.

The doctor needs to decide if she should kill the children herself so they will receive…