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Casting Call for Actors in Pune

DreamScope Theatre is coming to PUNE this May, 2014 with its experimental Play. It will be a fantastic learning experience and an opportunity to perform for actors in Pune and individuals who would like to be involved as part of the production team. 
Rehearsals will be rigorous all through May with a final performance in the last week of May. Individuals (25 to 30 yrs) can apply with their CV and headshot to before 29th April, 2014. Volunteers and others who want to be a part of the same can apply by sending in an email and citing their desire to be a part of the same. 

For more information you can go through the Casting Call Poster!

DreamScope Studio Rehearsal

For everyone who missed this years production of our play The Forest, here is a special treat ...

DreamScope Theatre Presents a review of the rehearsals of the play THE FOREST, directed by Tushar Patil. 

This is an educational video made with the intent of providing parents a window into our classes. It is a culmination of our first scholars batch and a combined audition tape for all the actors and director involved.

Most importantly, it is a gift from me to the director and actors who have worked for 6 months on the performance; so they can always remember and keep this wonderful experience with them forever. I hope that it encourages them to do more good work and excel in their fields.

The play is adapted from a novel written by Puja Goyal, 15 years ago. Camera and Editing done by Puja as well.

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