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DreamScope Theatre presents a compilation of three short plays in Hindi, filled with satire, family humor and an essence of the yesteryears under its production, “Ek Ka Teen”. Theatre as a medium of entertainment and communication has changed manifold. The framework of productions have moved towards providing entertainment in forms of stand up comedy, divised performances and improvised theatre. The technical aspects of theatre have also changed. Stage has become minimalistic and lights and sound have taken major prominence in the way a production is presented in front of the audience. DreamScope Theatre is moving away from new – age theatre to bring to Bangalore audiences, three plays from differents eras of Hindi theatre. The short plays will bring to stage the format of stage productions in the 1950’s, 1960’s and the modern era. 
“Charon Taraf” is a light comedy written by Prakash Pandit in the 1950’s and concentrates on an age old Indian traditional thought, “atithi devo bhava”, or…