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Bang Bang You're Dead

‘BANG BANG YOU’RE DEAD’ BEING STAGED IN BANGALORE:Seems like a movie scene -On a lazy and relaxed afternoon, a Theatre actor and director spots videotape titled ‘Bang Bang You’re Dead’ in a video library. She picks the tape as the name sounds interesting and it brings about a curiosity as to what the movie is all about. After watching the movie she thinks about contacting the writer of the movie, to stage the script in Bangalore as a play, something very few do, thinking it may never work! But after all, instances like these prove the world is indeed becoming a global village, a smaller place to live in. Well… that’s Puja Goyal for you, the Director of Bang Bang You’re Dead and Founder of DreamScope which is staging the play ‘Bang Bang You’re Dead for the first time in the country.

Puja is bringing nine youngsters together in the play ‘Bang Bang You’re Dead’, a play that not only tries to understand the emotional wrath, psychological conflicts in young minds, which is heightened due to…