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Losing the Plot

An excellent play was marred by listless performances and shoddy coordinationLOST CAUSE The excellent plot was let down by unconvincing execution

Dream Scope in collaboration with The Forum presented The Afghan Women recently. The play, directed by Puja Goyal, was written by William Mastrosimone in the aftermath of the World Trade Centre bombing. It is therefore a play of the `present’ plight of most in Afghanistan.

The changes that emerge from war mean different things to different people. All the characters struggle with misplaced identity. The loss of the burkha for the women, the struggle of the men to hold on to their tribe, and the loss of `belonging’ for a new generation of men who can easily follow the path of hegemony are included in the plot.

Plots, counter plots

A warlord, Hamood (Terrence), seeks protection from the new government in an orphanage even as he plots to overthrow it.

The Afghanistan-born, America-raised physician Malalai (Sabreen Baker) sees its futility, and convi…

war of words sans expressions

Vijay Times: BVT FEATURES 31st October, 2006

THE dais is dumped with heaps of bones. In comes a scavenger, followed by two more to pick the bones only to sell and earn a living. There they go on a talking spree… “All of Afghan is a grave yard.” At least one child dies here daily out of starvation or disease. The cloud that thunders does not bring rain… so on. So unravels a story of ‘The Afghan Woman’, who is educated in America only to return home planning to run an orphanage in the hinterlands.

But then she is confronted by Mohamood a warlord, a tribal head with ulterior motives. And in the end, Mohamood gets killed by Malalai, the Afghan woman, an act connived by Maheb, Wajma and Gulalai, the three women scavengers. The characters in the play, which was staged on Oct 27 as part of the Forum Theatre Festival, revolve around Malalai and the best part is the conversation of her with Mohamood. William Mastrosimone’s statements stand vertically congruent to Islamic beliefs.

The script provi…