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An Honest Look at Reality


Review published in Deccan Herald on 5th February, 2014

Theatre enthusiasts, both children and grown-ups, were in for a treat when the play, ‘The Forest’, was staged recently at Nayana Rangamandira. 

The play, originally written as a book by Puja Goyal 15 years ago, was adapted into a theatre piece two years ago.

The fantasy play, which is being staged for the second time, required the audience to suspend themselves from reality. It also carried an important message — that of saving the planet. About the play, Puja Goyal said, “The play is an attempt to initiate a discussion among children about the preservation of environment and respect for nature. While the format of the previous edition of the play followed the ‘story-telling style’, this edition included new action sequences, dances and fantasy characters.
“This time we explored acrobatics with children and contemporary dancing. But honestly, in some ways, it w…