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Street Theatre - Traffic Signal

The growing rage at traffic signals, and ruthless driving was targeted during this small project initiated and performed by school children of SVV. The workshop with children culminated in a small skit which aimed at educating children about what an individual needs to do when he comes across an accident on the streets. During crisis situations they should be near their parents, and not wander. Parents should be alert about their children. We also addressed speeding, drunken driving and being careful about the physically impaired who use the streets too in helping them commute safely. Citizens should not act ignorant and avoid the responsibilities which come with being a good citizen. We should help each other when a situation arises, take charge and move forward to solve situations.. and of course to take care that immediate needs of the accident are met. 

Street Theatre - Food Shortage

As a small interactive project, we performed a street play in various schools to create awareness on food shortage and how an individual can save food instead of wasting it. The impact lack of food has on the poor and their struggles. It created sensitivity amongst children and they empathized with their fellow children. As the privileged ones we can afford food, but their are many children and families who struggle even to have a square meal per day. They come from broken families and/ or no family at all. They struggle and sometimes make do with water or remains from bins. The situation around the globe is worse as children die of hunger and malnutrition everyday. 
Some post performance snapshots....  10 July 2010

On the Streets

In 2011, DreamScope Theatre worked with children to create awareness about Road Discipline and Traffic Sense. This project was initiated with special permission granted by the Bangalore Traffic Commissioner, and was highly successful. The children performed for more than 6,000 audience members. They toured various schools and even performed on the streets.
Here is a short teaser of the event for the ones who missed it...

These are some pictures from the performances...