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A Directors Diary - Perspective

notes…Posted in Afghan Women, Pictures on October 30, 2006 by dst

Afghan Women, staged on 27th of October, 2006 at Good Shepherd Audi, Residency
Road, Bangalore.directors perspective: part one(will write more later…)

Scene One: Malalai being intimidated by “The Afghan Women” (Picture: Mayur)
Notes on the scene from director: There is something about showing intimidation by going around this way. Although it violates all stage norms, and is more of a street play style. The actors and crew were apprehensive about delivering their dialogues in this manner and I can understand their doubts… it took a lot of persuasion on my part to let the collective voice listen to mine, but in the end… the result was extraordinary. What would have been nicer, is, if the three women would have worn burqas.. they look like Israilies instead of Afghani’s (feedback from most people who came in to watch the play). Burqa would have had a terribly fantastic effect, what with large volumes of material swaying ar…

Shop and Enjoy Theatre

Shop and enjoy theatreTuesday October 24 2006 10:20 IST

Forum Shopping Festival is organising plays exclusively for its customers. On the 25th October, a Hindi comedy based on Three Men and a Horse, Daudaa Daudaa Bhaaga Bhaaga Sa will held at Chowdiah Memorial Hall at 7pm.It is a satire, based on today’s materialistic and commercial rat race and how a simpleton is forced to be a part of it. This production has been put together by The Brat Pack of Ekjute. The writing and direction of the play is a team effort lead by Juhi.
On 27th October, The Afgan Women is to be held at the Good Shepherd Auditorium at 7 pm. The story revolves around the journey of the American educated Afgani Doctor running an orphanage in her native.

At least one child dies every day from starvation or disease. An Afghani warlord, on the run from government troops, plans to use the children as a human shield to get him safe passage. The American-trained doctor is faced with the dilemma — she fears that once the childr…

Cast of Afghan Women

The Afghan Women will be staged at the Good Shepherd Auditorium, Residency Road, Bangalore 560 025 on the 27th and 28th of October 2006. As of now, we will be staging one show on the 27th of Oct, and then moving onto some other space in November/ December, where we will stage more shows.

Cast: Terence Duraisami, Sabreen Baker, Puja Goyal (Director), Nabeel, Ashika Devi, Gangamma and Yamini Deenadayalan.