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Dreams to Reality

Niveditha Rao
Deccan Chronicle
Date 15th APRIL 2009
Not many follow their dreams, but Puja Goyal did exactly that and the result was her production house — DreamScope Theatre. Started in 2003, this production house has to its credit five plays till date (Love letters, The Afghan Women, Akhbaari Vighyapan and Cat’s Paw to name a few) and is in the process of finalising three new plays. Conceptualised by Puja Goyal, this production house grew out of the play Bang Bang You’re dead, written by Hollywood writer William Mastrosimone. This play for first staged in Bengaluru by DreamScope and after that, there was no turning back. Talking about the group, Puja says, “The theatre group is an initiative to explore new theatrical concepts and create a foothold for new artistes in theatre.”

She is currently the only permanent member of the group, but is on the lookout for permanent members. “It is a moving theatre group which welcomes actors, volunteers, producers, sponsors, designers etc. But n…

Casting for... roles

Cast required for upcoming theatre productions...


1 Male: (Playing AGE RANGE - 18 - 30)
rapist, and stalker who defends his case properly, flaky.

3 Female: (Playing AGE RANGE - 20 - 30)
One Victim (beautiful) and two friends of the Victim (smart)

EK Ajnabee (Hindi and Kannada Version)

4 Males
Stranger: (Playing Age Range - 20 - 25) educated, smart and rich
Old man: (Playing age range - 40 - 50) poor and uneducated, drunk farmer.
Old Man's Friend: (Any Age) poor, uneducated, drunk friend in a bar
Lover: (Playing Age Range - 20 - 25) smart, dude types, but uneducated. in love with old man's daughter

2 Females
Daughter: (Playing Age Range - 18 - 25) young, greedy, poor and uneducated.
Mother: (Playing Age Range - 40 - 50) uneducated, bitchy but wise, fearful

Auditions for Workshop and Productions

DreamScope Theatre is auditioning for its upcoming productions in Kannada, Hindi and English and the workshops (workshop charges Rs. 5,000, (7) days) it will be organizing soon.

The plays are scheduled to be staged in June/July as of now and the workshops will be held likewise. If interested please email your details to to schedule and confirm your audition by 20th April, 2009 or call 99456 77157. Or log onto:

Bring the following details along when you come for the audition:



Auditioning for Workshop/Production:
Address, Phone number and Email:
Previous Theatre experience (if any)
Languages known and auditioning for:
Availability for other theatre productions and the time you can commit for rehearsal in case you get picked for a part:
Why DreamScope:
A photograph: (email the photo; need'nt bring along)

Please mention subject as when you email.

Date of Audition: 26th APR…