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More Photos of Cast and Crew - Cat's Paw.

Cast & Crew of Cat's Paw:
front: Tushar Patil, Meenakshi Upadhya & Mutthuraman
back: Sridhar, Sindhu (fooling around with the rope), Kruthika & Keerthi.

The Stage where everything happened.

Snap Shots from Cat'sPaw


A Directors Diary - What Maths taught me.

Normally, any concept before implementation should be run through thoroughly before it being put into practice. The idea as such needs to have some workability factor attached to it.

I studied mathematics as a "very important" subject of my curriculum. I'm not a math person and yet because it was included with other Science subjects I had to study it. I hated it. I have always believed 2 + 2 = some other number, which they are not telling us about hence tricking us into believing otherwise. Besides 4 is not one of my favourite numbers'. How did they ever come up with such a number??

Okay, I was never good at Math. Just don't get it. My teacher was the best though. She was patient and unassuming, even frantically nerdy sometimes, with chalk powder finding its way all over her nose.

I think I understood Algebra more than normal Arithmetic. I prefer complicated mathematics with alphabets and numbers instead of only numbers. That way, you at least know that every…

A Directors Diary - The value of Trust

It was the year 2003 (I think) not sure. I had attended a theatre workshop conducted by Artists Repertory Theatre at Museum Inn Road. The two days workshop taught us a lot of things. At moments, I wondered what we are doing here. Why is she making me play games and what has that got to do with theatre. The workshop was my first every foray into proper theatre training so I let it be. Maybe something is happening here that I should let be. "You have to learn to give things some time," I told myself. Even then, when I went to sleep at night, I couldn't stop thinking. Maybe there is a secret I didn't quite understand. Maybe everyone is getting it, but I'm not.
I was so desperate to understand the concepts.

Early next morning, I finished with my breakfast packed my bag and left for training. I promised myself that I will not look into things and give the process some time. That I would do as I was told and not pressurize myself. So, the workshop was complete. The e…

A Directors Diary - Relationships

Can people who are not connected to each other be connected? Today, on a hot sunny afternoon, I was sitting with my production team (Tushar and Meenu) at a coffee shop. We chatted animatedly with each other; about everything that fell within the parameters of our work and everything else. The everything else was of course less compared to the work at hand. I sometimes wish we would in general talk about other things too. Because other things often tell you more about a person that what both parties are interested in and the topic on which the conversation is happening.

Why would I want to know about you? What difference would it make to my life? There is a cliched idea and an excuse which people give when they tell you why they want to know anything about you... "I will know better", "I will learn from it", "it will help me grow", so on and so forth. What if none of it were true. I don't want to learn anything from you; I don't want to ask you r…