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The Forest

“a modern day fairy – tale about friendship in the last place on Earth.”

"Oh no, its a bird!!!
Some… some kind of new species.
It is a bird without wings I think"
- Flower

DreamScope Theatre presents an All India Premier of a modern day fairy – tale for children, THE FOREST, written and directed by Puja Goyal. This is the story of the last remains of a place called, THE FOREST. The people in the Forest, called the Foresters believe humans are extinct until they come across a little girl called Mandy who is going to her grandmother’s house. Mandy is fascinated that she can hear, feel and speak to the forest. The Forest is getting ready for the party that the FAIRIE QUEEN is throwing for them. The foresters know that the FAIRIE QUEEN will be angry after seeing her; they know that the Fairie Queen will find a solution for this thing called Mandy, the little human.

Meanwhile, a wolf is lurking around in the forest; he sees Mandy and asks her to join him in destroying what remai…