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Monsoon Magic - Dance Workshop 2013

Enrollments open for our eagerly awaited MONSOON MAGIC 2013 Dance Workshops!! 
Dance is a fun way of letting go of yourself into a world of imagination. It allows you to express yourself, know yourself, and release all those energies in a positive and creative way. It allows you flexibility in terms of physical activities, variety in workouts and understanding emotions. We believe that dance is a part of theatre and as a core attribute to our work we would like to extend this form of performing art towards students, dancers and children who would like to be introduced to dancing, or want to learn more; or just have some fun. 
DreamScope Theatre is organizing Dance workshops  at our various centers, starting June, 2013. It is a three month workshop on Bollywood, Jazz and Hip Hop, concentrating on the latest techniques introduced in the dance forms. Monsoon Magic will be facilitated by our main dance instructor and actor Tushar Patil. The workshop is open for enrollment for children bet…

Summer and Rain

Faces smile through the windows, waiting and wanting to enter the world of imagination. Dreams wade into sleepy eyes, and take you into a world where the only thing possible in the impossible. Dolphins flying in the air, and swans swimming deeper in the oceans; while children scream with glee and run across the fields of sunflower with their little kites. The rays of the sun set their reflections on the surface of the waters and we can see gold and silver streaks painted with smiling muddied faces exhausted from the running now looking at baby goldfishes.... Need I say more about how the Summer of 2013 had been for us? We were covered with Star dust all over and haven't cleaned ourselves ever since we were first smitten by the squeals of laughter that our children greeted us with. I personally don't think I will recover from this drunken ecstasy of being with children. They have spoilt us rotten and got us addicted to them and now we miss the company of them all.

May was a dif…

"May Fiesta"

April has been a magical month for us all. The children enjoyed our workshops throughly and asked for more workshops in May. We could only oblige them. Therefore, due to popular demand, we are organizing three more drama workshops for children. The workshop will end with a studio recital for family and friends. For more details on the workshop format please refer to Summer Fever 2013.
New Workshops:Area - Timings J.P Nagar 2nd Phase - 9.30am to 11.00am
HSR Layout - 10.00am to 11.30am
Bannerghatta Road - 2.30pm to 4.00pm

Fees: Rs. 2,500/-  If you are interested in enrolling your child please contact 9008410075 for registration details.

Please note: Only 15 students allowed in each workshop. Places are filling fast. 

For Students:

1. Carry a bottle of water and light snacks, and hand towel.
2. Wear comfortable clothing like tracks and t-shirt (avoid jeans)


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