Summer Fever 2013

Summer is the time when children get their groove on and go on little adventures on their own; it is focused on self - exploration, action and fun. Imagine making up your own stories, going on a wild chase, exploring new characters and finding yourself in the middle of a new adventure. Why not have some fun with us as we take you through an active workshop of performing arts. 

DreamScope Theatre presents fun - workshops in April and May to keep you entertained and take you through various aspects of performing arts in drama and dance. 

Details of the workshop are enclosed on the back of the Poster. You could download the image and read about them. 

Our workshops are held at different spots across Bangalore City and all you need to do is call us at 9008410075 to find out how you can enroll.


Due to popular demand, we are organizing one more workshop at HSR Layout.. Thank you for your support :-)